About us

Welcome to Kindbright

Kindbright Care Services is a Registered NDIS Provider. We provide supports participants in South Australia. By providing high-quality, people-centered home care for the people living with disabilities, we are passionate in caring for our clients with respect, empathy and warmth.

Our Vision

The Kindbright is inspired to create services and supports, which empower people with disabilities, further their independence and enhance their belonging within the community.

Our Mission

Kindbright Care Services aims to focus on the voice of people with disability and their family members, and work as a partnership to support and provide the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Our Values


We will always support people to make their own decisions about how they live and take parts in their community.


We will always aim to do the right thing and work in line with our values.


We will be honest and open, even though if we make mistakes.


We will always try to be fair and treat everyone equally.